Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two Line Tuesday

Those fabulous Women of Mystery are doing another edition of Two Sentence Tuesday and here is my contribution.

I am currently reading Tales of the Otherworld by by Kelley Armstrong. I love her writing, and this is a great book to purchase because all of the profits are being donated to World Literacy of Canada.

So, the last two lines I read are:

Lucas had asked Benicio to come no sooner than Thursday, which we'd figured was too close to the wedding for him to interfere, yet early enough that he didn't feel like "just another guest."

He was there right after breakfast.

And now for mine. I'm still editing on my MS (a process I'm sure I could make into a lifetime project), so here are a couple of lines:

She took one last look around, crossed the porch and unlocked her door. Her pulse pounded in her ears and her skin felt like it was trying to crawl off her body. She knew someone was out there watching her – she could feel it. Slamming the door shut behind her, she leaned against it and twisted the deadbolt.

I know it is four lines, but we all knew I was a cheater anyways! To check out what the others are reading and writing, head over to WoM.