Thursday, May 21, 2009

Really great writing

On occasion I get to read some really great writing and today was one of those days. A local second grade class came to visit us and wrote us letters to say thank you. Sometimes, it takes a group to figure out what they really say, so to help in your future reading pleasure here are some of our all-time favorite misspellings.

Here are the sentences as written, and then our interpretation of them.

Sentence - This wus the funest filchrip ever.
Interpretation – This field trip gave me a new insight on the world we live in and was highly entertaining.

Sentence – Thank you for lating us come hear.
Interpretation – It was an honor and a privilege to visit your institution.

Sentence – I came here wunts before, this is my secint time.
Interpretation – I found it to be so intellectually stimulation that I had to make a return visit.

Sentence – I liked where I culd see his musuls and bones.
Interpretation – It was fascinating to see the musculature and bone structure in such detail.

Sentence – I liked seeing the Amarikine horses.
Interpretation – I’m proud to see such a fine example of American horses.

Sentence – The herse wus really cool.
Interpretation – There were many interesting things to see, but I was fascinated by the horse.

Sentence – Thang you for the pinciels and letting us in the play aire.
Interpretation – I appreciate the gift of pencils and the freedom and intellectual opportunities in the education gallery.

Sentence – I liked it and my techar really liked it.
Interpretation – My instructor and I both enjoyed the refreshing environment.

Sentence – I loved the penicals and upsters.
Interpretation – The pencils were a useful tool to take notes on all of the amazing items displayed on your second floor.

Sentence – I relley liked it. It wus so so so cool.
Interpretation – I really liked it. It was so so so cool.

Sentence – This was abslootlee my favorite.
Interpretation – This was absolutely my favorite.


Travis Erwin said...

There you go posting my writing without permission.

Actually those kid's lettters are better than my first drafts.

David Cranmer said...

I really needed help with that first one. Thanks for the interpretation added. :)

My dad use to give demonstrations of making maple syrup and the kids from school would stop by and later send these wonderful thank yous that he would get a chuckle reading. Hmmm... I'm wondering where that are now. I'm going to have to start digging.