Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Tuesday!

It's time again for another fabulous edition of Two Sentence Tuesday.

Right now I am reading Lori Foster's Unbelievable. I'm loving it. It is a very emotional read, as the heroine was raped at 18 and has a lot of trauma to overcome, but the sexy hero of the story, a tough bodyguard whose muscles have muscles, has a sweet side and of course he's volunteered to be tied to the bed so she can have her wicked way with him.

Without even thinking about it, she leaned down and kissed him. Sebastian knew she didn't note the significance of the kiss, but he did. They were in a bed, he was free to move, and still she'd come to him.

My lines are from a current WIP. I can't decide if I love where this is going, or hate it...

“Five in the morning is too early for this,” Mariska grumbled while she stared into her closet hoping the god of fashion would spit out something she could work out in and not look horrible.
She did one more inventory and found a pair of yoga pants that she never wore since they were a little tight – and because the one and only yoga class she’d gone to had ended in a trip to the emergency room and her arm in a sling.

For more, head over to the Women of Mystery. Have a great day!


David Cranmer said...

"... hoping the god of fashion would spit out something" is terrific writing.

Clare2e said...

When I face my ratty work out clothes, I know how Mariska feels. That's why it's the spare room for me- I don't dare join a gym : )

Now, why's she being forced into such a.m. redonkulousness...

Travis Erwin said...

The god of fashion often spits on me. Not with clothes just with saliva.

huddlekay said...

love the yoga emergency room thing! I know how she feels!

and I love Lori Foster: HOT HOT HOT!