Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight

I saw the new Batman movie today. I'm sad to say that I wasn't impressed. EVERYONE I know loves the movie and a lot have seen it multiple times. Maybe my expectations were too high, I don't know, but I was bored. Within 15 minutes of the start of the movie, I was ready to go. Seriously, I freaking fell asleep!
To all of the Batman fans out there, I hope you enjoyed it. Hubby loved it. Friends all loved it. Me, maybe I'm just a freak, but I was bored. Not a movie I am going to rush out and buy when it comes out. (Who am I kidding, Hubby will have to have it, so I will probably have to rush out and buy it the day it comes out and then hide it until his birthday or Christmas or something.)
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Talk to you soon!


Travis Erwin said...

You're the first I've heard that didn't like it, but I'm not all that eager to see the movie myself so I'll probably wait for it on netflix.

Crystal Phares said...

I don't know if I am just weird or what, but I think they could have cut out about an hour of the movie and it would have moved along a lot better and maybe I wouldn't have been so bored!