Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two Sentence Tuesday

Hi all! I'm back! Life has been crazy busy lately. For all interested Aaron is doing really well. He is adjusting beautifully (better than I am some days). He is starting to have a few night terrors, but we are trying to work through them. It is hard because he still has difficulty communicating sometimes. His speech therapy is going really well, and in the three months he's been with us, he's gone from having a vocabulary of 10-15 words to 100s, and he talks constantly. Our newest game is to read a book to him one time, and then he "reads" it to us. It is amazing what he can remember.

Right now his favorite song is the theme song from Cops. You know the one, "Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when they come for you." He walks around singing that all the time, except he changed the lyrics. For him the song goes, "Bad dog, bad dog, what you do, what you do."

For only being two, he amazes me. Okay, enough about my personal life, on to the writing. I am participating in NaNoWriMo. It is only a few days in, and I am behind. Not a lot, but behind none the less. I'm really trying to catch up though.

I am reading Charlaine Harris' Dead Until Dark again. And the last two lines I read were:

Not knowing what to think, I went home to find that Andy Bellefleur had been roused by his pager. he'd left me a note telling me that, and nothing else. Later on, I found that he'd actually been in the hospital while I was there, and waited until I was gone out of consideration for me before he'd handcuffed Jason to the bed.

From my NaNo project:

Within minutes Monica Blake had been pushed to the back corner of his mind. Not forgotten, not completely, but not his sole focus any longer. Too many deaths crowded his days.

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Clare2e said...

I'm delighted, for one, to get an awesome Aaron update!

I really like your "too many deaths" line. Keep on typing, and we will, too! I've got a few hundred more due tonight myself.