Monday, March 16, 2009

Five Fabulous Blogs

Here are the rules:
You must include the person that gave you the award, and link it back to them.
You must list 5 of your Fabulous Addictions in the post. You must copy and paste these rules in the post. Right click the award icon & save to your computer then post with your own awards.

My five obsessions as:

1. My amazing hubby.
2. My family.
3. My Writing.
4. Books.
5. Learning.

And my Five Fab Blogs:
1. One Word, One Rung, One Day
2. A Day In The Life
3. Women of Mystery
4. Attack of The Redneck Mommy
5. I Need My Wit To Kick In

(Of course, there are many other good ones too, so don't hesitate to check out all the links.)


David Cranmer said...

You deserved this. Congrats!

Travis Erwin said...

Thanks Crystal. You may be loudest cheerleader and I really appreciate that. I'll get mine up later in the week.

Lois Karlin said...

You are pretty fab yourself. I'm checking out your list....

Crystal Phares said...

Thanks, David and Lois.

Travis, is it good or bad that I am a loud cheerleader?