Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Line Tuesday

I made my deadline for the contest! Thanks to everyone who asked. I didn't get the short story finished, but that means I will have it ready for next years contest, oh well. I haven't had a whole lot of time lately to do much reading, but I am going to start a new "need to read" today. It is Kim Harrison's White Witch, Black Curse. I love reading her books. She is a lot of fun and pulls you into a great fantasy world.

So, the first two lines of the book are:

The bloody handprint was gone, wiped from Kisten's window but not from my memory, and it ticked me off that someone had cleaned it, as if they were trying to steal what little recollection I retained about the night he'd died. the anger was misplaced fear if I was honest with myself.

I haven't written much this week either. But the last two lines I wrote are:

Mariska’s laughter died in her throat when she looked across the gym and saw Kellen staring at her, face intent and serious. She shivered when he strode toward her, stopping less than a foot away.

For more two line fun, head over to the Women of Mystery.


Clare2e said...

I came to see you since you hadn't poked your head up at WoM yet.

Sorry this particular submission kicked your butt on the deadline, but I always figure once you've got something polished the way you want it, you'll find the place for it.

When I interviewed Kim Harrison, which I'll post as a mini-view on BookSpot Central in the days ahead, she said she hated killing Kisten, which I liked hearing. Some authors get bored with their series, and slaughter characters as a jumpstart. She didn't feel that way about her series or her characters, and is as attached to them as her readers are.

Crystal Phares said...

Clare, when she killed Kisten, I cried for what seemed like two days. I was so angry at the book. I'm glad to know that she didn't like killing him. He wasn't half bad for a vampire!

Lois Karlin said...

Crystal. Hi. I'm venturing forth from WOM. Love your character names. Mariska! Kellen!

Clare, character slaughter can be a relief. Readers get bored too.

huddlekay said...

The death of Kisten still pains me. That hurt! :(

David Cranmer said...

Congrats on making the deadline and I will have to check out Harrison's book. Great cover.

Barbara Martin said...

Crystal, after reading your two sentences I'm itching to know what Kellen is going to say. Sometimes men become so focused on an object they look too serious.