Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two For Tuesday

We finished! We’re done! Class is over. One last hurdle to jump (the state’s home visit) and we will have a child. I am so giddy I can hardly sit in my chair. I know it isn’t important to anyone else in the world, but I want to shout it out and throw a party and I wish everyone understood how important it is to hubby and I. (Don’t tell him, but I’m still terrified!)

So, on with the Twofers. Super busy week again, but here is something that I wrote, recently:

A badge, clipped at the waist of well worn jeans, shone in the dim light of the lab. The gun on his hip made him look even more dangerous.
And right now I’m reading the absolutely fabulous Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan. By the time I read the first page I was laughing out loud. These two are great, and if you haven’t visited their website, head on over. Here are a couple of lines from early on in the book that made me laugh, and even made hubby laugh, and yes, I know it is more than two lines, but I couldn’t help myself:

And then we get to the landscape of paranormals:” Vampires! Werewolves! Vampire werewolves! Mummies! Psychics! The undead! The reanimated! The demonic and the celestial! The slayers, the fey, the wee fold, the fairies, trolls, and selkies. They all fall under “paranormal,” which has its roots in an ancient Greek word meaning “overcrowded genre.”

For way more Two Sentence Tuesday, make the short trek over to visit the Women of Mystery!


David Cranmer said...

My wife and I got together a little late in life and are thinking about children ourselves, so I understand your giddy and wish you all the best in this last hurdle.

Laura K. Curtis said...

Congrats! You'll do fab. I have to say, I was talking to my S-I-L last night and she is terrified about several things having to do with their four-year old. So I think the terrified is part of being a mom. You'll get used to it.

Linda McLaughlin said...

Congratulations, Crystal. My brother and his wife adopted two kids and it was wonderful for all concerned. You'll do fine, and I think Laura is correct that terror goes along with parenting no matter how you get to that point.

Loved your sentences!

Barbara Martin said...

Good sentences, Crystal.

I ditto the others' comments on children. Giddy is good for the heart. You'll be just fine.