Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Line Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! This week has been a little better, so far, than last week. I’ve had a little breathing room, but the stress is already snowballing. Hubby and I have to attend a psychotropic drug class tonight and the health inspector is coming to our house on Thursday and on Friday, hubby goes to have his FBI fingerprinting done. We went through the cabinets this weekend to check expiration dates and to see if we had any dented cans. Things like hamburger helper and Vienna sausages, you know, the things that you think should outlive a nuclear blast, well, not so much. Our cabinets are empty. The refrigerator won’t take too long, we are eating leftovers like there is no tomorrow to get rid of them (I hate leftovers, by the way, so this is some kind of torture.) After that, we have one last class on Monday night, then a full day of classes on Saturday the 18th. Following that, we should have our big home study and be ready to rock and roll. I’m excited, scared, nervous, stressed, euphoric, you name an extreme emotion, I’m pretty sure I have been there in the last six weeks.

So, the last two lines I read are from Chelsea Cain’s Heart Sick. I really like this book, it is interesting.

Henry looked at Archie, holding his gaze for a moment, then turned his shaved head back toward Gretchen. He still had his meaty fist around her slender wrist, and for a moment Susan thought he might just snap it in two.
And the last two lines I wrote this week were for an article that will be published at the end of this month about an AQHA Hall of Fame member.

On his 14 Ranch, Walter Merrick produced some of the top running American Quarter Horses of all time. Merrick has been quoted as saying, “We raise the horses we run and run the horses we raise.”

For more Two Line Tuesday, head over to the Women of Mystery. Hope you have a great day!


Linda McLaughlin said...

Crystal, sounds like you've been really busy. The lines from Heart Sick are powerful, and I like the quote from your article.

Hope everything goes smoothly.

Clare2e said...

Fingers Crossed over here, too! Feel free to share all the horse prose you like- I'm always fascinated by that world!

Barbara Martin said...

Crystal, Walter Merrick picked perfect Thoroughbreds to cross with Quarter Horses: ones that were sprinters, like Jet Deck and Easy Jet. Midnight, purchased by Merrick in 1936, is in the pedigree of the avatar on my blog, through his dam's line. A good running Quarter Horse can do a quarter mile in under 14 seconds which is blistering speed.

How can you tell you got my attention with your two lines?