Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 Fer 2's Day

It’s Tuesday! Time to celebrate another two lines… Okay, so maybe not celebrate, but share.

Tomorrow is critique night and I have NOTHING. I’m outlining a new story right now, but it is rough. So, here is the last entry on my outline:

Mariska is at home working on Allison’s website when her phone rings. The caller ID shows Taylor’s number, so she lets it go to voicemail. He calls twice more, but she ignores him. Finally when Aunt Vivian calls she answers. Vivian tells her that Sean is dead.

This is around the end of chapter three and page twenty-two on my outline. Like I said yesterday, ideas are coming out of my ears.

Now, this bright shiny morning I started reading Scream For Me by Karen Rose. I love her writing and when I grow up I want to be just like her! The last passage I read was:

He’d chosen her with care. Taken her with relish. Made her scream, long and loud.

See, I want to be in her head for just a few minutes.

Hope you all have a great day, and if you haven’t dropped by yet, you should go to habitatfortravis.blogspot.com. He and his family would really appreciate it!


Laura K. Curtis said...

What I wouldn't give to be just like Karen Rose, too! Your outline already has me intrigued....

Barbara Martin said...

Your outline is fantastic. I'd like to read more, but of course I have to wait for you to complete your story.

Travis Erwin said...

Crystal you forget that I may have selfish motivations. After all by critiquing I then get to read good writing for free.

And thanks for everything. You are amazing yourself. After everything settles I'd like to take you and your husband out to dinner just so I can meet him as well.