Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weird Wednesday Dream

The dream started out innocently enough, I was trying to bathe my cat. Never a good idea, I know, but he stunk. Things are rocking right along until I look around and realize the bathroom we’re in is bigger than my entire house and decorated in 1970’s old lady – all pastels and lamps with little hanging crystals.

The wall directly across from me started to rattle and I leaned back on my knees, not knowing what to expect. Even the cat rolled closer to the side of the lovely pink tub. Music sounded from the ceiling and the wall stopped shaking and slid sideways, creating a two foot doorway. A little small for a secret passage and damned inconvenient if someone is occupying the tub. But hey, who am I to criticize secret passages?

I tried to see into the darkness inside the opening, but I only got the impression of movement seconds before a wave of bugs crawled out. Now, I’m okay with big hairy spiders, snakes, lizards and general creepy stuff, but those damn little bugs freak me out. I screeched like a little girl and bounced around the room. The bathing cat was on his own. Ten or twelve bugs landed in the water with a plop. The cat batted them around while I worked up the courage to rescue him. When I leaned over a huge rolie polie swam toward the cat. The insect was at least two feet long and had a tail like a lobster. And, he was wearing black leather gloves. The music abruptly switched to a tango and the bug swooped in and forced the cat to dance with him.

Needless to say, the dream only got weirder from there. It included a shape shifter wearing fringed jeans, not the trendy, worn out frayed jeans, but dark blue denim with six inch long fringe from hip to calf, a drunken theater performer, and our new President Obama even made a cameo appearance. He was dancing around the bathroom singing, “Obama llama sees a bug in the rug. Obama llama sees a bug in the rug.” And then there was me with a badge and a gun. I arrested the lot of them.

Now you know how I start my day.

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huddlekay said...

That's exactly what I needed first thing in the morning. Laughed my ass off. Thanks!