Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Another author I really love is Beverly Barton. The last two lines I read are from her book Dying For You.

Holding the pistol in one hand, she flipped the switchblade in her other hand closed and dropped it back down inside her bra.

“Stay behind me and don’t do anything stupid,” he told her. She wanted to tell him that she had managed not to do anything stupid while she’d been held captive these past few days and she thought she could continue using her brains for at least a few more hours.

And the last two that I wrote are:

Mariska jumped when the lieutenant asked if there was any place else in the department she wanted to see. She blinked, Kellen turned away and the moment was lost.

Have a happy Tuesday!


David Cranmer said...

"...the moment was lost." Mysterious and I want to read more. Thanks for sharing.

Clare2e said...

Interesting, Crystal. More please.

Travis Erwin said...

Ahhh ... now you're teasing us.

Barbara Martin said...

I agree with David about the mysterious. More please.