Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Line Tuesday

The last two lines I read came from my “Bad Girls” desk calendar, and it was too funny not to share (there are three lines, sorry!)

Pretend to know – look it up in the dictionary later.

If it isn’t true love and it isn’t great sex, it isn’t worth your time.

Chain letters and emails are a complete waste of time, unless they affect luck, love life, or length of orgasm.

They made me laugh, and I really needed it today. The last two lines I wrote (yesterday in the car with my boss on our way to a meeting in Lubbock….)

Her skin prickled when she realized he wasn’t speaking any more. Mariska looked up and met Kellen’s eyes – his stare was too intent.

On a personal note: Two of the members of my critique group don’t think Kellen’s name is manly enough. They think I need a strong one syllable name… Jake, John, Bruce… I can’t stand any of those three. Any opinions?

Tonight is the first adoption meeting. I’m terrified. What if we aren’t good enough? What if our house isn’t nice enough? What if we don’t make enough money? What if? What if? What if? I have stressed myself out for a week about this. Hubby is cool and collected – ready to go. I’m a freaking mess, can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t think, can’t write. All I can do reasonably well right now is obsessively clean. And I live in a dog hair factory, so there is a lot to clean every day!

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David Cranmer said...

It's funny I was looking up some masculine names myself yesterday. How about cole? Btw I enjoyed all the lines you featured today and that "Bad Girls" calendar sounds like the perfect way to start your mornings.

sunshine said...

I hear ya. I am in the middle of all of my appointments in Omaha. I am a nervous reck and Nathan is as calm as could be. Thinkin about ya!

huddlekay said...

I only clean obsessively when I'm pissed off... If you ever come to my house and its spotless, its been a bad week! HA.

Love the lines! I need one of those calenders... I need something to wake my ass up in the mornings!

Barbara Martin said...

Your two sentences are mysterious. I think Kellen is a strong character who hides his strength.

One of my male leads in my manuscripts has a four syllable name; so Crystal, use whatever name you like. And build him up to the reader so the name is only a tag.

Clare2e said...

Actually, Cole retains some of the sound of the name you've got, which is good. What about Cullen? Is that more overtly male? Suggestions aside, like Barbara, I think you've got to feel your way here to what sounds true for you.

Also, my (now high-school aged) brother was adopted, and I recall the site visits, psych evals that my mom and stepdad underwent. Even I had to get screened for communicable diseases, though I'd already graduated from college and lived elsewhere by then. It's a long, invasive grind, I know, but of course you and your home are every bit of wonderful enough!

Laura K. Curtis said...

Fie on you for doubting yourself! I am sure your family is just what the agencies are looking for.

I've heard that whole "one syllable name" thing a time or two, but I always thought it was more important that the name and character suit each other, you, and the heroine.

What's his heritage? The name is unusual. My heroes have a tendency to go by their last names or nicknames.

Crystal Phares said...

David, I do like the name Cole, but I still feel like his name is Kellen. He will go by his last name, Dawson, or detective at work, and Kel with the people close to him.

Sarah, I'm glad Nathan is calm for you. It has to help. Love and miss you guys!

Karin, I'll find you a copy of the calendar. It cracks me up. I thought I was a bad girl, but just wait 'til I start putting some of the ideas into action!

Thanks, Barbara, I hope I have him built enough in my reader's minds so that his name is just that... a name. It doesn't have to be his whole identity.

Thanks for the kind words, Clare and Laura. I know we have a good home, and we have so much love to give. I am just scared, and I hate that, so it makes me defensive and grumpy...

I haven't even thought about the psychological profile, and good lord I didn't even know about the testing for communicable diseases thing.

I know I don't have any weird diseases, but I may just be a tad bit...well, crazy sounds like such a harsh word, but if the shoe fits, strap that puppy on and march yourself down to Payless.

Thanks to everyone for being a great sounding board! You are all priceless.

Travis Erwin said...

You can't beat getting to sneak in some writing while at work.

Clare2e said...

Crystal- My brother was an international adoption. Some of the stuff may/will be different, I assume. In his birth country, TB was endemic, for example, so testing was mandatory even for prospective parents in suburban Chicago.

Anxiety makes me hostile, too :)

Winnie the poohi said...

I like exotic names.. dun know why .. simply Aurthur ?

my fave.. classic ;)