Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Line Tuesday

It’s time for fabulous Two Line Tuesday!

I am reading the third book in Christina Dodd’s Darkness series, Into the Shadow. I enjoy reading her books because her hero’s are very tortured and her heroines are incredibly strong women. Her books make me laugh and bring me to tears, often within the same paragraph.

I’ve only read a few pages of this book, actually I’m re-reading them (need to cut back on my book buying binges!), and at this point in the story we are being introduced to the heroine and her life. Karen Sonnet builds adventure hotels for her father. The hotels are located all over the world, where ever there is an attraction for the extreme sports/survivalist set to go. The setting is near the Nepal border in the Himalayas – a particularly nasty mountain named Mount Anaya.

Karen tried never to look at Mount Anaya, but as always the peak drew her gaze – up the side of the hill, up the sheer stone slopes, up the glaciers and snowfields, to the top of Mount Anaya. There the pinnacle stabbed the blue sky with a point of white and gray. Mountains, all mountains, formed the stuff of her nightmares, but Mount Anaya…In Sanskrit, it meant “evil course.”

As for what I’m writing right now, other than filling out endless paperwork for the state (keep repeating… it’s worth it, it’s worth it, it’s worth it), I am to the point that my hero and heroine are about to (ahem) hit it off. They are in a gym, working out, all hot and sweaty, and Kellen is watching Mariska learn self defense.

Mariska picked up the basic self defense moves quickly and was soon holding her own against the other woman, but he’d spotted a weakness in her technique after a few minutes. Every time her opponent came at her, Mariska would flinch away before answering the attack, costing her precious seconds.
So that’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. For more Two Line Tuesday, head over to the Women of Mystery and the Education of a Pulp Writer.


Clare2e said...

Crystal- It's worth it, and eventually the piles of dead tree go away!

I like the interesting premise of Dodd's book (I've got to read one, you're convincing me I'm missing out!) and I like how your heroine isn't an instant, natural ass-kicking machine.

David Cranmer said...

Words like "flinch" that I don't normally use jump out at me and I jot 'em down. So mucho gracias!

Crystal Phares said...

Clare, I have almost 150 pages of paperwork to read, then three homework assignments dealing with the reading, plus another zillion (is that a real number) documents to get to them... I feel like I am killing the rainforest as we speak.

As for my heroine, poor thing, she's incredibly clumsy and has the serious hots for the hero, which makes her all the more clumsy. I picture a catastrophe coming up quickly. But, first I have to get a synopsis written in... holy cow three days!!!

David, no problem! I'm sure I could come up with some really fun words for you to use. My hubby says I'm a walking thesaurus, except when I am writing, then I'm calling people asking for another word for rough or defense or some other simple word!!

Barbara Martin said...

Crystal, it's a good thing for a heroine not to be too perfect at the beginning. It gives them time to grow into a slightly different person. Your sentences are well done and I'd certainly like to see more of your story.

Travis Erwin said...

Flinching Away would make a good book title.