Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two Line Tuesday

I am re-reading Christina Dodd's Scent of Darkness (she has great love scenes!). Here are the last two I read:

The Szarvases were artists of some note - Sharon painted amazing landscapes; River and their daughter, Meadow, fashioned beautiful, magnificent workds in glass - and every night the floors of their rambling old house and their barn studio were full of sleeping bags and cots as other artists, young and old, came to learn and to serve as apprentices at the feet of their masters. The master artists used all their money to pay for food, blankets, heat and teachers for their students.

And the last two I wrote are:

The slam of a car door echoed in the quiet tree lined darkness. When the engine roared to life, Mariska spun and flipped off the driver. The window whirred down quickly, “You bitch! You really are a piece of work.”


huddlekay said...

awesome lines... is it weird that we quoted from the same book?

Laura K. Curtis said...

Maybe I, too, should re-read Scent of Darkness...it seems to be the thing to do! LOL!

David Cranmer said...

I really liked "quiet tree lined darkness." Excellent imagery.

Clare2e said...

You mean you and huddlekay didn't plan it? I'm definitely looking into Scent of Darkness then. That is some wicked mojo!

With your 2, there's just enough hinted that not knowing what came before or comes after is driving me crazy!

Barbara Martin said...

"The slam of a car door echoed in the quiet tree lined darkness."

I really like this sentence to set the mood.