Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Line Tuesday

It’s that time again. Two Sentence Tuesday!!

So, last time I was reading Christina Dodd’s Scent of Darkness. I put that down and read a few (okay three) other books, but now am back to reading it again. The last two sentences I read were:

He didn’t take over, but she saw his eyes, he wanted to. Oh, my God, he wanted to.

She’s having a good day. He’s having a good day. And here are the last two lines I wrote…fair warning, I’m writing erotica (but this is reasonably tame!):

His cock grew hard and felt like it was trying to punch its way out from behind his zipper. He looked down and tried to concentrate on anything other than the curve of her ass, the line of her legs and the dip of her back.

Hopefully they will both be having a good day VERY SOON! I’ve been so busy lately that I really haven’t had any time to write, but I hope things calm down in a short while.

Have a great day! And for more Tuesday fun head over to The Women of Mystery!


huddlekay said...

Woot! Woot!

Clare2e said...

Crystal, you're a brave soul. I can never bring myself to post anything with the franker descriptions, but yay for them and for you!

David Cranmer said...

Where can we read the untame version:)

Barbara Martin said...

Crystal, the anticipation is often better than the real thing...but your lines are cute. Did your husband provide this info? (Just curious).

Crystal Phares said...

Thanks for the Woot! Karin. Can't wait to read your stuff at crit tomorrow.

Clare, I'm not brave, just tired of being embarrassed about what I write. Since I started writing everyone has gone on and on about my...ahem...love scenes, so, I thought why not try it. And so far, so good. Things are going really well.

David, I hope I can finish soon and find it a home, then I will let everyone in the world know where they can find the 'untame' version.

Anticipation is great, Barbara, but sometimes you just need the real thing! Cute is good, but I am steadily working toward steamy, hot and bothered and holy cow they're limber! LOL! And to answer your question, no hubby didn't provide this info. He will rarely comment, unless I am relentless in my questioning, and then I ask those questions of him and our friends that have come over for dinner or to watch a movie.

I have great friends who are used to me asking things like, "If the woman of your dreams is standing on a chair in barely there shorts and a tiny tee shirt, trying to reach something on the top shelf, what is your gut reaction?"

And they all know not to pull any punches, so occasionally I do get some male input!